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What are the functional characteristics of induction lamp?


1. Functional characteristics of induction lamp

1, People to light up, people away from the light off, friendly and convenient, safe and energy saving.

2, With zero crossing detection function: no contact electronic switch, prolong the load life.

3, The application of photosensitive control, switch automatic metering, light intensity does not induction.

4, The use of infrared induction technology, no sound, no touch, guarantee to light without dark area, effectively improve the quality of modern residential quarters and security.

5, Because of the use of incandescent lamps, there is no interference of electronic lines, the service life of incandescent lamps is significantly extended, up to more than 2 years, and other light sources, such as electronic energy-saving lamps, ring tubes, due to the existence of interference factors, repeated use, very easy to black, leading to the scrap of the tube, the general service life is only about 6 months.

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