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The importance of flashlights in outdoor activities.


1. The general choice of outdoor camping place is in the field, there is no lighting source in the field, so the flashlight has become an essential tool for outdoor sports people, especially at night, the dependence on the flashlight is very big.

2. Mobile lighting tools, although a wide variety, but considering the luggage and other spare items, easy to carry has become an optional standard, flashlight door has obvious advantages.

3. Practicality of function. Good LED flashlight has strong light, long distance, multi adjustment and other characteristics, can adapt to different natural environment, whether it is walking lighting, outdoor search, tent lighting, crisis rescue signal, combined with its portability, easy to carry. In an emergency, it can help us to irradiate the surrounding situation. At the same time, because of the hard texture of the flashlight, it can also be used for self-defense when necessary.

4. Long endurance. Good flashlight, with the coordination of multi-gear adjustment, can reasonably dominate the continuation, low brightness can maintain dozens of hours, in a very limited case, lighting and carry is not a problem.

5. Waterproof performance. Now the flashlight, generally installed waterproof ring, can be waterproof for life and outdoor rain can also be used normally, to cope with the complex environment in the field to the greatest extent.

6. Easy to use and suitable for all ages. Easy to operate, so that even first time campers can use, can in the face of a crisis to help themselves or alert others to rescue.

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