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What are the characteristics of a good camping lamp?


Camping lamp is one of the indispensable outdoor equipment for us to go camping outdoors, so that we have light and safety in the outdoors. It's easier to use than a headlamp and has a stable light source, which makes it ideal for camp cooking or casual use. What are the characteristics of a good camping lamp?

1. Bright
Brightness is also measured in lumens, and the general brightness of camp lamps is between 100 and 300 lumens, which is slightly brighter than headlamps. If placed inside a tent for lighting, 100 lumens is enough for 2-3 people; If you're going to use them in the camp kitchen, consider brighter camp lights. For photos intended for use in a communal part of multiple tents or lighting for a group dinner, consider camping lamps over 200 lumens.

Like headlamps, bright camp lamps are generally larger in size and weight. The difference between camping lamps and headlamps is that they are usually elliptical or circular, which makes them more useful and convenient when placed in a fixed position than headlamps.

2. Durable
Camp lamp durability is mainly two aspects: strong shell and a certain waterproof ability.
Camping lights and other equipment will be packed into the backpack, collision extrusion is inevitable, so strong shell for camp lights is very important, high quality camp lights are made of tough elastic high quality materials, forest lantern is made of stamped steel material, texture and not easy to be squeezed deformation.

Camp lights don't need to be completely waterproof, but having some waterproof capability is essential. Because sometimes camping outdoors can be very humid, it is not uncommon to wake up in the morning and look like it has just rained, even in the dry north. Water resistance is a standard, general quality camp lamp can provide IPX4 waterproof rating, which is enough to cope with wet outdoor environment.

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